Google Analytics For The Win!!!


Recently I installed Google Analytics to know better about my visitors. At first no data was available for a few days so I checked whether I did something wrong. I found out that if you installed the new code version of the Google Analytics it won’t work for your wordpress based blog. I still don’t know the reason yet.

Anyway, I installed the older code again and today I started to see where, what, who, when and by how visitors get to come to my blog. There are few basic stuffs such as new visits, page views and origin of the visitor.

Here I would like to list a few wonderful things Google Analytics does for free:-

  • Bounce Rate – happens when visitors leave your blog without surfing other pages than your index page. My bounce rate is now at 55% meaning that half of my visitors close the browser as fast as their could when they reached my blog. The reason? Whether they don’t understand what language I am using or my blog sucks.
  • Visitor Loyalty – here Google checks whether the same readers returned to your blog for more reading instead of forgetting completely about your site after their first visit. If your visitor loyalty stats are high it can brings the meaning your content or your writing is an attraction to them.
  • New vs Returning – almost the same with visitor loyalty. Still cannot find the difference.

There are a lot more features by Google Analytics that shall be enough to cover all the information you want to know about your readers. I suggest to all blogger to use this free product from Google for better understanding about your visitors.

Happy Blogging Bloggers.


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