Plugin: Seo Title Tag

seo title tagI’ve been reading a lot about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) since I started blogging seriously last year. Honestly, I knew nothing about getting indexed by Google, Yahoo or other big search engines(plus I don’t even care and it’s too complicated).

Anyway as a blogger I have the pride to see my blog list in the first page of Google for certain keywords. So I started reading(which was painful). I came to All In One SEO Plugin, which was unbelievably great. Google indexed my pages faster than before I used this plugin.

Today I was surfing the web to extend my knowledge about this SEO stuff when I came to Seo Title Tag. I installed it, which was easy(you need to do some modification on your header page, where the <title> tag is located) and edited all my post title to make it more search engine friendly.

Seo Title Tag gives you the ability to maximize your posts, pages, categories and even tags for better indexing by the search engines. For an example, this post title is Plugin: Seo Title Tag, but with Seo Title Tag, you can change it to something more organized like Seo Title Tag: For Better Search Engine Indexing Plugin.

I will be monitoring my other blog that I installed this plugin. Will report back whether my rank at Google goes up or goes down. For other fellow bloggers, why don’t you give it a try? Who knows it just might work for you.

Download Link:
Website Link:


2 responses to “Plugin: Seo Title Tag

  1. SEO Title Tag is nice, but I would recommend All-in-One SEO Pack over it.

  2. i believe all in one seo covers what seo title tag does, but maybe seo title tag could be better option in terms of mass editing your post titles..

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