Google Analytics For The Win!!!


Recently I installed Google Analytics to know better about my visitors. At first no data was available for a few days so I checked whether I did something wrong. I found out that if you installed the new code version of the Google Analytics it won’t work for your wordpress based blog. I still don’t know the reason yet.

Anyway, I installed the older code again and today I started to see where, what, who, when and by how visitors get to come to my blog. There are few basic stuffs such as new visits, page views and origin of the visitor.

Here I would like to list a few wonderful things Google Analytics does for free:-

  • Bounce Rate – happens when visitors leave your blog without surfing other pages than your index page. My bounce rate is now at 55% meaning that half of my visitors close the browser as fast as their could when they reached my blog. The reason? Whether they don’t understand what language I am using or my blog sucks.
  • Visitor Loyalty – here Google checks whether the same readers returned to your blog for more reading instead of forgetting completely about your site after their first visit. If your visitor loyalty stats are high it can brings the meaning your content or your writing is an attraction to them.
  • New vs Returning – almost the same with visitor loyalty. Still cannot find the difference.

There are a lot more features by Google Analytics that shall be enough to cover all the information you want to know about your readers. I suggest to all blogger to use this free product from Google for better understanding about your visitors.

Happy Blogging Bloggers.


7 Myths Of Search Engine Exposed

New e-book launched by Jonathan Leger(honestly this is the first time I ever heard his name) about 7 myths of search engine. A must read if you want to know what you are reading about Google are true or false. I’ve uploaded it to my server for easier download. Click here to download the e-book.

Blogging For Money? Blogging For Passion?

bloggingformoney.jpgI know most bloggers out there are blogging for the sake of money. Believe me, I will be grateful to make a lot of money through my blog. I will be lying to myself if I say I won’t be happy just to relax at home, open my computer and make a post a day while watching money flows just through my blog. That would be the best thing ever happen to me, ever.

Somehow, most bloggers lost the plot since the beginning. There are too many sites which I skipped(not even reading a line) because of these common mistakes:-

  • unattractive design (too many stuff packed in a page)
  • too many Adsense advertisement in a page
  • the main page take ages to load
  • pages fulled with advertisement, not content (readers want to read your content, not your advertisement)
  • simple stuffs such as font colour, common blog template, unattractive header
  • content not related with their blog (happen because the eagerness to put hot keywords in a paragraph)

There are few blogs when I accidentally visited through some links which doesn’t even have a title for their blogs(of course the last post was done a few months ago). Not to mention those blogs that use hot keyword such as Melayu Boleh, Making Money Online and Skandal Seks Melayu just to make sure they got a lot of visitors without even touching the subject.

Here are few tips I discovered about making money online:-

  • Blog design. Even if you are using the template given by WordPress or Blogspot, at least you can still make sure your pages are not too packed with contents and advertisements at the same time.
  • Build your readership. How to make money online? Of course you have to have readers reading your blog. Instead of filling our pages with advertisements, why don’t we try to build a solid reader community first. Slowly with readership increasing, we can try to put some advertisement and ask for reactions.
  • Content, content, and content. Only with great content readers will keep coming to your blog. Content can being anything, even simple tips on how to modify your wordpress header can be meaningful to readers.
  • Put images in your post. Readers hate to see only words. It’s a fact.

Remember, it is not easy to make money online especially through blog. Imagine thousands of other blogs that are competing with you. To be noticed, it will take even two years. So don’t be disappointed for the first few months when what you were hoping didn’t come true.

Happy blogging.

Plugin: Seo Title Tag

seo title tagI’ve been reading a lot about SEO(Search Engine Optimization) since I started blogging seriously last year. Honestly, I knew nothing about getting indexed by Google, Yahoo or other big search engines(plus I don’t even care and it’s too complicated).

Anyway as a blogger I have the pride to see my blog list in the first page of Google for certain keywords. So I started reading(which was painful). I came to All In One SEO Plugin, which was unbelievably great. Google indexed my pages faster than before I used this plugin.

Today I was surfing the web to extend my knowledge about this SEO stuff when I came to Seo Title Tag. I installed it, which was easy(you need to do some modification on your header page, where the <title> tag is located) and edited all my post title to make it more search engine friendly.

Seo Title Tag gives you the ability to maximize your posts, pages, categories and even tags for better indexing by the search engines. For an example, this post title is Plugin: Seo Title Tag, but with Seo Title Tag, you can change it to something more organized like Seo Title Tag: For Better Search Engine Indexing Plugin.

I will be monitoring my other blog that I installed this plugin. Will report back whether my rank at Google goes up or goes down. For other fellow bloggers, why don’t you give it a try? Who knows it just might work for you.

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